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102 Lightning Brushes by Xresch

We are thrilled to welcome a new brush pack from Xresch to the Affinity store–102 Lightning Brushes, which are compatible with Affinity Photo and Designer!

Xresch is the creator of the versatile Smoke and Cloud brushes pack, which has been extremely popular on our store—so much so that we decided to make his fantastic pack of 102 Lightning Brushes available as well!

What can I do with this awesome brush pack?

These electrifying brushes are perfect for creating dramatic skies, injecting power into advertising campaigns, or visually representing a scene full of energy in an artistic way.

With a single click, you can create simple electric lines and full-blown lightning bolts. And included layer styles make it easy to colourise the brushes to look like real electricity.

Here’s a quick demo of how they can add a burst of energy and dynamism to your work:

What’s included in the pack:

  • 102 lightning brushes
  • 102 PNGs (black on transparent, one for each brush)
  • 12 lightning layer styles
  • 40 JPEG overlays
  • 3 raster masking and erasing brushes

Creative inspiration:

  • Put missing lightning on that dramatic thunderstorm scene
  • Artwork that needs to convey a sense of energy and power
  • Create energetic product shots and advertising campaigns
  • Music event posters
  • Designs related to sport and fitness
  • Give super-human powers to characters or people

I’m sold, where can I get hold of these brushes?

Xresch 102 Lightning Brushes are compatible with Affinity Photo and Designer, desktop and iPad and are available from the Affinity store now!

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About the maker

Reto Scheiwiller (Xresch) makes incredible photorealistic brushes from his home in Switzerland.

As a small child, Reto loved to draw and be creative, and at 15 he got into digital design and taught himself all he needed to create the artworks he imagined.

Reto has a YouTube channel and posts on DeviantArt.

You can buy more assets in .abr format from his Creative Market store.