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180 Smoke and Cloud brushes by Xresch

We’ve fallen in love with these smoke and cloud brushes created by xresch for Affinity apps, with 180 to choose from you’re sure to find the natural effect you need for your compositions.

Frustrated by the lack of high-quality fire smoke brushes available, xresch painstakingly created over 400 smoke images, using a black background and a wireless flash, to create the images for his smoke brushes.

We loved the commercial brushes xresch had available on Creative Market, so we asked xresch to create his stunning smoke and cloud brushes for Affinity users. These are now available to purchase in the Affinity Store.

Here’s a quick demo of the kinds of effects you can produce with this versatile raster stamp brush pack:

What’s included:

  • 80 raster smoke brushes
  • 100 raster cloud brushes
  • 10 raster cloud stroke brushes
  • 80 smoke PNGs
  • 80 cloud PNGs

What can you do with them?

The smoke brushes can be used for awesome fire and smoke effects, but are also useful in a wide range of other scenarios, for example creating magical effects for fantasy compositions, or turned them upside down to simulate ink dropping into water—the options are limitless.

Horse charges through smoke

The cloud brushes are great for adding clouds or fog to a scene and are super versatile as well— you can also use them to create textures and add some grunge to an image or some natural patterns to a scene.

Before and after clouds

The cloud stroke brushes can be used for painting a cloud effect across an area and to create water colour like effects.

Fire spirit

Buy the 180 Smoke and Cloud brushes by xresch for Affinity apps today!

The mega brush pack is now available for Affinity users on the Affinity Store, with a bonus 10 Cloud Stroke brushes thrown in!

These raster brushes are compatible with Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer on both desktop and iPad. In Affinity Designer, these brushes will be accessible from the Pixel Persona only.


About the maker…

Reto Scheiwiller (xresch) makes incredible photorealistic brushes from his home in Switzerland.

As a small child Reto loved to draw and be creative, and at 15 he got into digital design and taught himself all he needed to create the artworks he imagined.

Reto has a YouTube channel and posts on DeviantArt.

You can buy more assets in .abr format from his Creative Market store.

Artist relations

Umar is part of our artist relations team. He likes to tinker with computers, build things and play competitive games. His favourite colour is green and he enjoys bouldering, which is basically climbing without any ropes. It’s less dangerous than it sounds.

Credits & Footnotes

Artwork copyright of xresch. Some images used from