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20 top-class templates for Affinity Publisher

Create print and PDF publications in less time with our pick of stylish, professionally designed templates for Affinity Publisher.

Whether you’re working on a layout for a magazine, putting together a portfolio or producing a set of brand guidelines, using an Affinity Publisher template that has been professionally designed could save you heaps of time.

Fundamental things like master pages, margins, columns, text boxes and page numbers will be set up for you, and by using Affinity Publisher’s powerful layout and typography tools, you can easily add your own content, move objects around and customise the design to suit your needs.

If you’re looking to get a head start with your next publication or just need a bit of creative inspiration, check out our pick of Affinity Publisher templates now available to purchase on Creative Market.

Magazine templates

If you’re looking for a quick way to create a magazine layout in Affinity Publisher, these modern, multipurpose templates can be adapted to suit almost any genre—fashion, photography, design, lifestyle, and more!

1. Lifestyle Magazine template by Luuqas Design

Featuring a fresh, modern design, excellent use of white space and bold fonts, this template is packed with creative layouts that can be used for any type of magazine. It contains 32 unique pages and two different cover designs.

2. Shift Magazine template by Egotype

This multi-purpose magazine template is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of different genres. We love its dynamic double-page spreads, creative use of white space and bold typography. With well-organised layers and guides, it’s easy to customise too.

3. Gradient Magazine by Luuqas Design

If you’re looking for a magazine design with bright pops of colour and a slick, modern layout, this template might be for you. It includes 32 interesting page layouts, two stylish cover designs and comes in A4 and US Letter size. Change its colours, text, fonts and add in content to make it your own.

4. RESONANCE Magazine & Lookbook by Visuel Colonie

Make a statement with this beautiful editorial-style template which has been hand-crafted to present your articles and ideas in a stylish and elegant way. You can personalise every layout and easily add and delete pages to suit your needs, which makes this template ideal for a multitude of uses.

Brochure templates

Whether you’re looking to create a brochure for a range of products or to promote a service that a company provides, with a few simple tweaks you can transform the layouts in these templates into a stylish brochure that looks completely unique.

5. Luxury Brochure Catalogue by ID Vision Studio

This template is perfect for any brand specialising in luxury products. Combining a brochure layout with catalogue pages, it helps you paint the complete picture of who a brand is and what products it sells. It contains 64 pages in total and features 14 different spreads of catalogue pages; some aligned in grids, some displayed as a gallery and some focused on accessories.

6. Lynx Brochure template by SlideStation

The Lynx Brochure template is simple, elegant and constructed with a strong interior design theme. But thanks to its easily editable structure and minimal style, you can use it for any field you like. It contains 54 contemporary page designs that are available in both A4 and US Letter size.

7. Rigel Brochure template by SlideStation

The Rigel Brochure is an elegant and versatile template that you can use for any industry. The layers in this template are very well-organised, which should make it easy to drop in your images and other relevant content.

Portfolio templates

Quickly and easily combine all of your best work into a single printed or digital product with these stylish, customisable portfolio templates.

8. Fashion Lookbook/Portfolio by Studio Bons

We were instantly drawn to this template’s clean, modern design. Its versatile layout can be adapted for a myriad of uses including fashion or photography showcases, fashion layouts, graphic design portfolios, fashion brochures and work resumes, and it is perfect for both individuals and agencies/studios alike.

9. Graphic Design Portfolio by Occy Design

We love the way the sleek, minimal design of this template allows your art, illustrations and graphics to take centre stage. All elements are editable in Affinity Publisher including the colours which can be easily changed to suit your taste. It comes in a print-ready format with 52-page layouts, in two different sizes: A4 and US Letter.

10. Photography Portfolio by Occy Design

Land that next big photographic assignment with a modern, professionally designed portfolio that brings your photography to the fore. This template comes in a print-ready format and all images, text and graphics are neatly organised on separate layers, making the design easy to customise and make your own.

11. Solaris Lookbook template by SlideStation

This elegant, image-centric template has a layout that’s suitable for a multitude of projects, such as building up a portfolio or creating a lookbook. It has 55 unique page designs that are easy to tweak and we like the fact it includes some icons too.

Brand Guideline templates

Create an identity for a client’s brand or your own business/agency in a smart, fast and easy way with these well-structured brand guideline templates for Affinity Publisher.

12. Noctua Publisher Brand Guidelines by SlideStation

Noctua is a fully editable, multipurpose brand identity template made for Affinity Publisher. It includes typography, logo, photo gallery, social media, stationery, iconography and principles sections and has 48 professionally designed pages in total.

13. Brand Guidelines template by Occy Design

Crafting a creative branding manual couldn’t be easier. This clean and modern Affinity Publisher template is divided into clear sections including Introduction, Logo, Colour, Typography, Digital, Stationery, Photography and Iconography and includes 44 unique pages designs which come in A4 and US Letter size.

14. Circle Brand Manual Guidelines by Egotype

Give your brand guidelines a cool, minimal look with this comprehensive A4/US Letter size brochure template that uses free fonts. All elements in the design such as text, colours, styles and images are editable and it’s easy to add in extra pages or duplicate existing layouts in Affinity Publisher.

Recipe book templates

Looking to publish your own cookbook? Or perhaps you just want to collate and present your favourite recipes in a neat and stylish way? These scrumptious templates will help you publish your content in less time and could give you the creative head start you need.

15. Cookbook/Recipe Book by Studio Bons

Use this template and your food will take centre stage! Complete with a stylish cover, 48 versatile page layouts and a contemporary design, this Cookbook/Recipe Book template is so easy to adapt with your own recipes and comes in two different sizes: A4 and US Letter.

16. Cookbook/Recipe Book v.02 by Studio Bons

This minimalist design will flawlessly frame your delicious recipes. It has a clean and versatile layout paired with bold typography and comes with two different cover designs.

Annual Report templates

Skip the work of setting up gutters, columns, text boxes, and tables for your annual report by using one of these professionally designed, customisable templates.

17. Annual Report—Huntsville by ID Vision Studio

Present a dynamic report about your company to your shareholders with this premium quality template. Packaged in a very modern and minimalistic layout, it is designed to be both easy to read and attractive and includes pages for articles, data sheets and tables for financial information.

18. Annual Report by Visuel Colonie

With this stylish brochure template, you can create a professionally designed business report in no time. It allows you to present your information in a clear and concise way with paragraph styles, infographics, tables and more and includes 20 elegant page designs.

Project Proposal templates

Create a professional-looking, well-organised project proposal to pitch to a client without having to design and layout every page from scratch using these expertly designed templates.

19. Project Proposal Template 006 by ID Vision Studio

Use this slick, modern template to create a stylish project proposal to present to clients. It includes 36 neatly structured pages using document grid and baseline grid for perfect positioning of elements and comes in A4 and US Letter size.

20. Project Proposal Template 008 by ID Vision Studio

This modern proposal template has a dynamic but well laid out structure that will deliver an air of professionalism and confidence to potential clients. Editable page designs include Table of Contents, About, Objectives, Services, Interesting Facts, Team, Case Study, Project Overview, Project Breakdown, Project Timeline, Options, Terms & Conditions, Quote Sign-Off and FAQ.

We hope this has given you a taste of the high-quality Affinity Publisher templates available. You can find more compatible templates by searching for Affinity Publisher on Creative Market and other creative content marketplaces.

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