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5 things you should know about Affinity Publisher 1.8

Our 1.8 updates have landed—and for Affinity Publisher this means a raft of new features designed to power-up your workflow are now available.

Affinity Publisher 1.8 is here, and as usual is free to existing users on the platform(s) you have purchased a license for. Read our handy guide—How to install Affinity updates—if you need any help updating.

So what’s new in Affinity Publisher 1.8?

1. IDML import

This is a biggie. One of the most requested features for Affinity Publisher is now available in 1.8—the ability to import InDesign Markup Language (IDML) files. This means you can now migrate your InDesign documents directly into Affinity Publisher instead of via PDF import or copy/paste operations. By the way, you’ll be able to selectively place IDML pages as if they were images too!

Watch our video to see how easy it is to get your IDML files into Affinity Publisher:

2. Preflight Panel

We all know that accidentally introducing errors in your publication is easily done. This can create output problems and may even prove costly to fix if you’ve already handed over print artwork.

Step forward our exciting new Preflight Panel. Default Live checking means preflight warnings or errors will be generated if you introduce potential output problems as you edit. Easy navigation to problem areas, centralised issue management, customisable preflight profiles and many one-click fixes will keep your project 100% error free.

Over 20 preflight warnings or errors can be raised.

Watch our video to find out more…

3. Smart master pages

Now things get clever. Prior to the Affinity Publisher 1.8 release, any swap out of master pages would clear out any edited content in master page frames = not good. You’ve now got the option in 1.8 to retain (migrate) any such added text or imagery. Ok. So you may be saying ‘Why Smart?’. Well the ‘Smart’ is because you can also ‘swap in’ one of a whole series of master page variants which will reposition and scale that retained frame content in different ways. Imagine taking a fistful of layout choices to your client! Supercool.

4. Document Merge

This ace new feature lets you bring together different Affinity Publisher documents into a single ‘master’ document. This opens up many possibilities ranging from multi-author teamworking to simply adding cover artwork to digital editions. Have peace of mind that imported text styles can be managed, master pages will import and incoming index marks will merge into the ‘master’ index.

5. Collect resources

Make your Publisher project portable by collecting linked resources (images or documents) into a single ‘sidecar’ folder (linkage is maintained). Zip up your document plus the collected image’s folder and then transfer your project.

And that’s not all…

I know we said five things, but in fact there is a lot more great stuff in Affinity Publisher 1.8, like:

  • XSLX import from Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers and LibreOffice Calc
  • Ability to reorder master page thumbnails in the Pages Panel
  • New Anchors Panel for better anchor management and creation
  • New indent/outdent paragraph options
  • Apple keyboard shortcuts (for text editing)
  • Page resize control on master page resizing
  • Present embedded/linked documents in a choice of page boxes (trim, bleed, etc.)
  • PANTONE© Color Bridge and PANTONE© Formula Guide solid palettes have been updated to the latest versions.

Plus, New Document dialog with Template Support—available in all our 1.8 updates!

Starting projects from scratch becomes more intuitive with thumbnail presets presented from Print, Press Ready, Web and other categories. Alternatively, go your own way with custom document setups saved to the My Presets category.

Interested in templates? Any Publisher project can now be saved as a Publisher template file (.aftemplate). You can even serve up your templates in the New Document dialog from a Template category—simply target any folder packed with Publisher aftemplate files.

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