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Affinity Publisher Public Beta: now available

Thanks to all your feedback during the Affinity Publisher Public Beta (and our devs working around the clock!) the latest update is now ready to download.

We are keeping the updates coming to Affinity Publisher during our public beta! Get the latest version for yourself, still free in beta…

Download for MacDownload for Windows

Fixes and improvements in version

This update, our second so far, brings the following fixes and improvements…

Document and Page Management fixes

  • We’ve fixed the crash that occurred opening some documents containing images on a Master Page.
  • The Pages Panel has been updated to improve layout and performance.
  • Add Page buttons now enabled correctly after converting Artboard based document to Spread (on Windows).
  • We’ve removed bleed setup from Add Master Page dialog, as we’ve decided it is a document setting.
  • Select Anchor to page should be selected by default now for scaling in spread properties
  • We’ve fixed page redraw after deleting artboards.

General Tools and Menus

  • We’ve added menu items Layer > Arrange, Alignment, Geometry, Transform, Insertion.
  • We’ve added menu items Layer > New Layer, Layer > New Adjustment.
  • We’ve updated the Preferences options missing from dialog drop down menu.
  • We’ve fixed marquee zoom when using Space + Ctrl.
  • Find and Replace text field drop-down menus have been fixed on Mac.
  • We’ve fixed toolbar customisation—Distribute, Operations on Mac.
  • We’ve fixed Guides editing default for the Select Tool on Mac.
  • We’ve updated minimum Zoom Out for view.
  • The crash when assigning keyboard shortcut to File > Place on Windows has been fixed.

Text Tool

  • Symbols indicating overflowing text have been added to include the first text frame of a series. Please note this is only if the overflow is hidden and Show Text Flow is on.
  • We’ve fixed the bug redrawing text flow after unlinking text frames.
  • Text wrap options dialog fixed for light UI on Windows.

Text Panels and Text Style Editor

  • We’ve tidied the Paragraph style drop-down drawing on Mac.
  • We’ve fixed application of Kerning by dragging icon on Mac.
  • Text Styles Panel fixed to display description fully.
  • We’ve fixed deselection of Stylistic Sets from the Character Panel.
  • Initial Words not applying in Text Styles has been fixed.
  • We’ve fixed hyphenation Minimum Score not applying in Text Styles.
  • Bullet character style for bullet not applying if tab stop value is 0 in Text Styles has been fixed.
  • We’ve fixed ‘Ignore space if same style’ not applying in Text Styles on Windows.


  • Icons have been added to both table row and column extenders to advertise their purpose (add row, delete column etc.)
  • Table tool headers now reflect insets.
  • Frame settings now applied correctly to new tables.
  • Double-click on default format now edits that format rather than creating a duplicate.

Resources and Resource Manager

  • On File > Open, if linked resources are missing, request to locate them has been added.


  • Asset thumbnails fixed for when asset includes an image in CMYK document.

Picture Frames

  • We’ve fixed Convert placed image to Picture Frame.
  • Custom zoom and placement maintained when Picture Frame is resized.
  • All formats now export with optional bleed.
  • We’ve fixed export of Artboards in embedded .afdesign files.
  • We’ve fixed print model not being saved with pre-set on Windows.
  • We’ve fixed double sided printing flipping on longest (wrong) side (on Windows).


As this is a beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity where you may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents.

Want to learn?

If you need help getting started with Affinity Publisher, you might find our video tutorials useful. We will be adding to these throughout the beta too to keep you up to date with new features and improvements.

Thank you for all your help!

We hope you enjoy the latest update, and as always, if you find any bugs or have any suggestions to improve Affinity Publisher, please post on the relevant forums here.

It’s your feedback that will help to shape what version 1 of Affinity Publisher will be. We really value all your help and support.

Keep an eye out for the next update!