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Affinity Publisher Public Beta - now available

More new fixes for Affinity Publisher, free in beta.

This latest version is available on auto-update—you will be asked if you want to download and install the update when you open Affinity Publisher.

If you have not yet installed any version of the Affinity Publisher Beta, please sign up using the button below.

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Updates and Fixes

General Menus / Studio

  • (Mac) Fixed Mojave rendering issue when editing certain context toolbar controls.

  • (Mac) Fixed issue changing unit spinners on docked panels.

  • (Mac) Changing the UI gamma now works in Mojave.

  • (Mac) General fix for tabbing within UI tables on panels.

  • (Mac) Disabled mouse wheel (but not trackpad) scrolling for certain panels due to conflict with mouse wheel behaviour on individual controls.

  • (Mac) Fixed Guides Manager not populating with the current document’s guides when first shown.

  • (Mac) Fixed Effects Panel not changing background when scheme changes in Mojave.

  • (Win) Fix for Colour Panel’s colour picker being offset from cursor position.

  • (Win) Fix for modifier keys not being shown in tooltip for tool shortcuts on Preferences dialog.

  • Updated some shortcut keys.

New / Open / Save

  • Fixed ‘Actual Size’ zoom dropdown on Document Setup dialog.

  • Fixed overflow issue loading huge JPEG files.

  • Fix for fonts being replaced on PDF Import when not requested.

  • (Win) Fix for app locking up after exporting to external drive if drive removed.

Main View

  • Fix for ‘Show Grid’ etc UI occasionally becoming out of sync with the setting in force in the view.

  • (Mac) Fix for possible view tiles not drawing on switching documents.


  • Fixed column guides not being assigned from master page when adding a page.

  • Added an option to auto-scroll the Pages Panel with the main document view.

  • Fixed issues with master page renaming.

  • (Win) Pages tab now auto-scrolls on drag reorder.

  • (Mac) Fixed issues entering a section name for the first document section.

Picture Frames

  • (Mac) Fixed images dragged in from Finder not honouring placement policy.

  • Fix for place panel not reappearing after changing tool then undoing.

  • Double Clicking on a Picture Frame now reselects tool.

  • Fixed Lock Children not functioning for Picture Frames.

  • Fixed Picture Frames and multiple children being marked as content.

  • Fixed Picture Frame furniture displaying in Preview Mode.


  • Fixed some story key bindings, (Cmd+) Home / End, Cmd+ Up / Down.

  • (Mac) Fix for pasting from Excel into multiple table cells.

  • Letter spacing now applies to spaces as well as other characters.

  • Fix for letter and word space maximums not being honoured for ‘Justify All’. —Note there is still a UI bug here on Windows

  • Fix for Greek uppercase and tonos.

  • (Mac) Fix for Text Frame panel / Balance text columns not updating.

  • Fix for possible text disappearing into overflow when ‘Balance Columns’ is used.

  • (Mac) Fixed pasting characters into Bullet Text not being committed.

  • (Win) Fix for rendering of certain bullet glyphs in Bullet Text field.

  • (Mac) Fixed Draw highlight for Special Characters in Bullet Text field.

  • Reverted width of Thin Space to be more standard.

  • Fixed ‘Show Special Characters’ for hair space and medium mathematical space.

  • Fixed Find and Replace character style does not correctly apply when also replacing text.

  • Fixed Find and Replace All crash.

  • Fixed Find and Replace on master page crashing after undo / redo.

  • Fixed Find in Glyph Browser when Glyphs or Alternates were shown.

  • Fixed Glyph Browser lock icon to more accurately reflect the state of the Panel.

Adjustments / Effects

  • (Win) Upgraded to new shadows and highlights filter.

  • (Mac) Fixed HSL Control crash / redraw on non-retina displays.

Export / Printing

  • Fix for masks in embedded documents not being exported to vector formats / PDF.

  • Fix for incorrect colours in bleed area when exported to Vector / PDF.

  • Fixed issue with dashed / dotted lines showing hairlines on PDF export.

  • (Win) Fix for curves printing incorrectly.

  • Fix for potential issue when generating palletised PNGs for use in PDF Export.

  • Fix for crop marks missing for N-Up Printing.

  • (Win) Fix for potential crash when crop marks would be displayed outside of the print preview control’s area.

  • (Win) Fix for PDF failing to export when ‘Preview export’ is selected.

  • Fix for ‘Preflight check’ warning about overflow in hidden text.


As this is a beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity where you may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents.

Want to learn?

If you need help getting started with Affinity Publisher, you might find our video tutorials useful. We will be adding to these throughout the beta too to keep you up to date with new features and improvements.

Thank you for all your help!

We hope you enjoy the latest update, and as always, if you find any bugs or have any suggestions to improve Affinity Publisher, please post on the relevant forums here.

It’s your feedback that will help to shape what version one of Affinity Publisher will be. We really value all your help and support.

Keep up to date with all the released beta updates for Affinity Publisher here.

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