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Affinity Publisher Public Beta: vs. now available on auto-update

The latest beta is here! And with it, brings some quite major updates to Master Page functionality…

This latest version is available on auto-update—you will be asked if you want to download and install the update when you open Affinity Publisher.

If you have not yet installed any version of the Affinity Publisher Beta, please sign up using the button below.

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Updates and Fixes

Includes earlier release notes from version which was not released on auto-update.

Master Pages

Due to the changes in Master Page functionality in this build we strongly suggest you backup any documents that are valuable to you before testing.

It is now possible to edit the content of Master Page Text Frames and Picture Frames directly from a spread the master is applied to. By default, on editing, the content attribute for the item in question is automatically unlinked, but the other attributes and geometry remain locked. It is also possible to entirely lock the Master Page instance if desired, to prevent unintended content edits.

Finally options are available to edit all attributes of Master Page items linked—the Master Page and any other pages it is applied to will be updated—or to edit all attributes unlinked—only the copy on the current spread will be updated. In both of these cases an information bar is displayed while the editing ‘mode’ is active.

Text flow between frames on masters is honoured when the master is applied and it is possible to create text flow between frames that have come from masters. When auto-flowing text from a frame that comes from a master the text auto-flow will use the matching frame on subsequent pages that have the same master applied or insert new pages with the same master.

Note that the previous default behaviour was to edit all attributes for all master items linked, but also to lock the Master Page instance in the Layers Panel. If dealing with an old document and the new functionality is desired the instance will need to be unlocked or the Master reapplied.

Andy talks us through the changes in this video…

Amalgamated Text > Insert Text from File and File > Place

  • Text > Insert Text from File has been removed and File > Place should be used instead. The types of files available via File > Place depends on context, for example if a Text Frame is selected then text files will be made available.


  • (Win) Fix for system mis-reporting RAM on some systems leading to poor performance. If ‘RAM Usage Limit’ in Preferences > Performance is set to 1024MB you may be experiencing this issue. If so please set the limit manually to a higher value (typically the amount of physical RAM installed) or Ctrl-Run Up to reset settings.
  • (Mac) Fixed the spurious black tiles issue when switching between multiple documents.

  • (Win) Fix for redraw issues when dragging document windows between monitors on some monitor setups.

  • (Win) Fixed Show Bleed failing to work under some circumstances.

  • Fixed min / max size issue for some panels.

  • Added tooltips to Page Navigation controls.

  • (Mac) Fixed Colour Panel tabbing issues.

  • (Mac) Fix for pasting control characters into Find and Replace fields.

  • (Win) Fix for Find and Replace fields not being cleared when starting a new document.

  • (Mac) Paragraph / Character Panels now always show scrollbars if necessary.

  • (Win) Fix for Min / Max / Defaults in Paragraph Panel Justification settings.

  • (Win) Fix for crash trying to insert a Text Field without a text frame selected.

  • (Mac) Fixed Text Wrapping dialog tab order.

  • Section Page Count is actually Section ‘Last Page’.

  • Added ‘Run Last Page’ to Fields Panel.

  • Added Next and Previous Frame page numbers to Fields Panel.

  • (Win) Tools toolbar leaves monitor viewport when undocking on some monitor set ups.

  • (Win) Document Zoom Level is changed to ‘Fit’ when a Symbol / Asset etc is dragged out.

  • (Win) Fixed drag drop from Explorer to floating document windows.

  • Fix for Paste Inside being disabled with multiple objects selected.

  • Section Manager selection fixes.

  • (Mac) Section Manager - fixed issue entering section name.

Tools and View

  • Fix for Text Frame Baseline Grids drawing incorrectly.

  • (Win) Fixed issue setting CMYK colours for Guides.

  • (Mac) Fix for incorrect Ruler Origin on spreads other than first.

Text and Tables

  • Tables and Text Frames can now individually be set to ignore baseline grid.

  • Added support for language dependent smart quotes.

  • Allow for space above at tops of columns in more places. Fixed issues with Art Text.

  • No longer apply initial words formatting automatically to text generated by lists.

  • Fix for effect of next paragraph style on character formatting not being undone correctly.

  • Fix crash justifying narrow text.

  • Page Number glyphs are now shown as placeholders on master pages.

  • When creating a TOC reuse an unused style if there is one.

  • Fixed Hyphenation to exclude nulls from hyphenation strings because they confuse length rules.

  • (Mac) Fixed failure to ever set Restart Numbering ‘Now’ in Text Style Editor.

  • (Win) Fixed issue with Arial Black being incorrectly reported as missing.

  • Fix for Edit Text Style controls not updating when font family changed.

  • Fixed issue changing table insets after scaling.

  • Fixed issue scrolling through the Font List if fonts with long names present.

  • Resizing text frame no longer causes issues with cursor position on the text ruler.

  • Fix for punctuation stopping ‘Capitalise first word of sentence’ from working.

  • Indexes - Don’t extend to whole words when suggesting an index topic.


  • Fixed crash placing objects with Snap to Baseline Grid enabled.

Import / Export and Printing

  • Fix for some EPS imports being incorrectly translated.

  • Document fields such as ‘Author’ and ‘Subject’ are now exported to PDF.

  • (Win) Fix for some stroke widths being printed incorrectly on rotated objects.

  • (Win) Fix for flipped text printing.

  • PDF Export now exports greyscale images as K-only.

  • Added feature to recolour any image as K-only, and spot recoloured K-only images now export to PDF correctly.


As this is a beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity where you may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents.

Want to learn?

If you need help getting started with Affinity Publisher, you might find our video tutorials useful. We will be adding to these throughout the beta too to keep you up to date with new features and improvements.

Thank you for all your help!

We hope you enjoy the latest update, and as always, if you find any bugs or have any suggestions to improve Affinity Publisher, please post on the relevant forums here.

It’s your feedback that will help to shape what version one of Affinity Publisher will be. We really value all your help and support.

Keep up to date with all the released beta updates for Affinity Publisher here.

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