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Chunky Marker vector brushes by The Artifex Forge

The Artifex Forge designer Jeremy Child loves the challenge of taking a traditional medium and capturing its​ essence in a versatile digital tool-kit. We take a closer look at their Chunky Marker vector brushes and see how they can enhance your workflow.

The Artifex Forge are specialists in creating highly realistic vector brushes. Their collection of 34 Chunky Markers are now available on the Affinity Store and are available for Affinity Designer for desktop and iPad. Jeremy painstakingly creates hundreds of real-life textures and selects the very best to create his fully editable vector brush sets.

In this article, we will taking a closer look of what is included in the Chunky Marker brush pack whilst providing some tips on using them, as well as showing you some examples of artwork created with the brushes.

What are the Chunky Marker vector brushes?

These 34 brushes are perfect for hand-lettering, creating textured outlines and building up layered illustrations. They range from standard chunky markers, slanted, messy and thin markers, with a realistic streaky look which has been sampled directly from real media and optimised for Apple Pencil.

The joy of vector brushes is how easily the brush strokes can be re-posed, re-coloured and generally edited after use, whilst maintaining a ‘real media’ look. If it’s not right the first time, no problem!

What’s included:

  • Chunky Markers (34 vector brushes)

See the vector brushes in action

Check out this video from The Artifex Forge showing you how to get the best out of these vector brushes…

Top tips

  • Start by sketching a simple image while you experiment and get to know the brushes, then build up to creating more complex images.

  • While some brushes look terrible if you stretch them, Chunky Markers actually look great as it exaggerates the smeared texture.

  • Take advantage of Affinity Designer’s layers and create a sketch on a lower layer then draw on a higher layer when defining your sketch. You can then knock out the original sketch layer when you’re done with it.

Creative Inspiration

The Chunky Markers lend themselves to a huge variety of projects, here are a few of our favourites…

Buy the Chunky Marker brush pack from the Affinity Store

These awesome vector brushes are now available to buy from the Affinity Store.

This brush pack is compatible with Affinity Designer on desktop and Affinity Designer for iPad only.


About the maker…

In Latin, Artifex means ‘a skilled artist, builder or maker of things’, combined with the idea of a forge as a melting pot for ideas and creation, we can start to understand what digital content creators The Artifex Forge are all about. Founded in 2014, The Artifex Forge are blazing a trail creating top quality brushes for Affinity Designer. The founder, Jeremy Child draws from his ten years’ experience in the design and illustration industry to create beautifully crafted digital tools based on traditional media. You can always be sure that their products are functional and original and designed with the busy designer or illustrator in mind.

Jeremy gets daily user requests for more content for Affinity, so watch this space for more Affinity Designer brushes…

The Artifex Forge’s Chunky Markers can be purchased in the Affinity store here. Alternatively, you can find more illustrative design resources from Artifex on their website

Artist relations

Charlotte is an illustrator and arts lecturer who is passionate about the creative industries and is now part of our artist relations team. Her interests include mid 20th century inspired design, comic books, board games, movie memorabilia, baking cakes, feminism and yoga. She shares her 1960’s home with her graphic designer husband and her toddler son who likes to hide her iPad. Get in touch with Charlotte if you have work you have made in Affinity apps to share with us, or tag your work with #madeinaffinity in the usual places.

Credits & Footnotes

Chunky Markers brushes and example images are copyright of Artifex Forge.