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Focus on StudioLink

With the release of Affinity Publisher, we have finally revealed our StudioLink technology. It’s the most fluid workflow ever conceived in a creative suite of applications, and the reason we named our apps Affinity.

With the game-changing ability to fully integrate with other Affinity apps, the introduction of StudioLink in Affinity Publisher will completely revolutionise the way creative professionals work. The first technology of its kind, this revolutionary feature takes the pain out of publishing by allowing you to instantly switch to the advanced photo editing features of Affinity Photo and precise vector tools of Affinity Designer without ever leaving the app.

Ever since the conception of Affinity our vision was to produce a creative suite of apps that work seamlessly together. That always meant our apps would share the same file format, but we wanted to take things to a whole new level. As you might have seen from our recent Affinity Live Keynote, the release of Affinity Publisher brings with it the release of StudioLink and the first realisation of this vision.

Owners of Affinity Publisher, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo can benefit from this ‘ridiculously cool’ feature. Before StudioLink, you needed to edit photos and graphics in separate applications, then save and export before importing into your desktop publishing software. If photo or graphics needed to be edited, you had to repeat the entire process.

But with StudioLink, we’ve found a way to change all that…

And that’s not all…

Drag and drop

Affinity Publisher shares the same file format as our other apps, giving you the power to drag and drop files directly from Photo or Designer into your layout instantly.

Perfect results

Make detailed and precise edits to images and graphics directly within your layout and match exact colours throughout your document for the perfect result.

Non-destructive editing

Make changes directly to images and graphics without overwriting the original file.

Extended functionality

Don’t use Affinity Photo or Designer? No problem. Affinity Publisher works seamlessly with any photo and design software—StudioLink is simply an added bonus for users of our other apps.

Watch our tutorials to find out more ways that StudioLink can speed up your workflow with the Affinity suite.

StudioLink Tutorials

Affinity Publisher is out now—no subscription needed!

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