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Get legacy Affinity brushes

We took the opportunity in our 1.8 updates to refine and standardise the Affinity brushes across all the Affinity apps. However, you can still access the legacy Affinity brushes and in this article we’ll tell you how.

For our Affinity 1.8 updates, we wanted to refine the Affinity brushes experience by reviewing what brushes we include as standard and refining and adding to them. We also wanted to make the experience of using Affinity brushes across all of our apps more cohesive—so the raster brushes available in Affinity Photo for desktop and iPad, Affinity Designer for desktop and iPad and Affinity Publisher were the same set. We also wanted this to be true of the in-app vector brushes that we supply with Affinity Designer for desktop and iPad, and Affinity Publisher.

So we asked Paolo Limoncelli of DAUB Brushes—who created our original in-app brushes—to take a look and sort them out. As well as refining and standardising the existing set, Paolo also created some awesome new brushes, along with some contribution from The Artifex Forge.

While most of the pre-1.8 brushes are still available in our latest updates—they may have been moved or renamed as part of us refining the brushes—we realise that by taking this action this could be frustrating to our users. With that in mind, you can still access the legacy brushes by using the link below.

Get legacy Affinity brushes

Please note that you will need to install these brushes into each Affinity app you want to use them in, refer to our handy install guide if you need any help with this.

We hope you understand our continual pursuit of polish in the Affinity apps!