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Get started with Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher

Whether you’re switching from other software or new to photo editing and digital design, there is a wealth of learning resources on hand to help you get started with Affinity.

Affinity Tutorials

The tutorials on our official YouTube channel are a great place to start if you’re new to the software. Here, you’ll find an interface overview for each app and clear and concise explanations and walkthroughs of basic tools through to advanced-level features.

They teach you the most effective way to perform operations in Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher and, where relevant, highlight how Affinity tools behave differently from those in other software.

For convenience, our learning tutorials are grouped into playlists:

Photo Basics →
Take an interface tour and learn how to use the basic functions in Affinity Photo including new document creation, placing images, cropping, transforming layers and RAW development.

Photo Advanced →
Learn how to take advantage of Affinity Photo’s advanced functionality, including panorama stitching, non-destructive RAW, blending options, power duplication, LAB editing and more.

Photo Workflows & Techniques →
Discover workflows for basic image editing, compositing, astrophotography post-processing, wildlife editing and more.

Designer Basics →
Take a tour of Affinity Designer’s user interface and learn how to do the basics, such as setting up a new document, clipping and masking, transforming layers, applying layer effects and using blend modes.

Designer Advanced →
Discover how to take advantage of Affinity Designer’s advanced features and functionality, including artboards, symbols, the Style Picker, measure & area tools and more.

Designer Vector Tools →
Learn how to use Affinity Designer’s vector-based features and functionality, including the Pen Tool and Node Tool, the Pencil Tool, Vector Warp, Shape Builder Tool, booleans and compounds and Corner Tool.

Designer Raster Tools →
Discover how to use Affinity Designer’s raster-based tools with tutorials for the Paint Brush and Erase Brush tools, Flood Fill Tool, Live Perspective and Mesh Warp, symmetry and mirroring and more.

Publisher Basics →
See a general overview of Affinity Publisher’s user interface and learn the basics of using Affinity Publisher – placing images, transforming layers, packaging, linking and embedding resources and more.

Publisher Advanced →
Discover how to work with Affinity Publisher’s advanced features and functionality, like Smart Master Page, Variable Fonts, IDML import, books, Auto Flow and design aids such as rulers, guides and column guides.

Publisher Text Tools →
Learn how to use Affinity Publisher’s text-based features and functionality, including linked text frames, text wrapping, text on a path and running headers.

In-app help

A built-in help system is included in each Affinity app, providing a huge library of information about all aspects of the software. Conveniently located in the Help menu, it’s a great place to learn and get explanations fast. Alternatively, you can access it online:

Affinity Photo (Desktop) Help
Affinity Photo (iPad) Help
Affinity Designer (Desktop) Help
Affinity Designer (iPad) Help
Affinity Publisher (Desktop) Help
Affinity Publisher (iPad) Help

Downloadable Quickstart Guides

Succinct and focused, our QuickStart Guides provide an easy-to-follow written introduction to each app, their user interfaces and key features. Check them out here:

Affinity Photo (Desktop) Quickstart Guide
Affinity Photo (iPad) Quickstart Guide
Affinity Designer (Desktop) Quickstart Guide
Affinity Designer (iPad) Quickstart Guide
Affinity Publisher (Desktop) Quickstart Guide
Affinity Publisher (iPad) Quickstart Guide

Affinity Creative Sessions

Our YouTube channel is also home to Affinity Creative Sessions. These inspirational videos are led by top creatives who use Affinity and give you a behind the scenes look at their workflow. There are currently over 80 sessions and more are on the way, so be sure to check them out!

Affinity Spotlight

This free online resource is where we share insight and inspiration from the Affinity team and leading creatives who use the apps. We frequently profile talented artists, post learning content and keep you up to date with our latest news.

Affinity forum

We have a thriving online forum, where our developers, support staff and other app users are happy to help with any questions or hurdles you come across.

Spotlight editor

As editor of Affinity Spotlight Melanie oversees the stories, interviews and tutorials published on the site. Outside of work she enjoys travelling, reading crime thrillers, Pilates and dabbling in a spot of oil painting. Get in touch with Melanie if you would like to contribute or be featured on Affinity Spotlight.