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Get The Rusty Nib by True Grit from the Affinity Store

Brand new to the Affinity Store are three hugely popular True Grit Texture Supply content packs, including one of the Affinity Team’s favourites—The Rusty Nib.

What is The Rusty Nib?

The Rusty Nib contains over 130 pro-quality distressed inking brushes for Affinity. Created by True Grit Texture Supply, the highly regarded purveyors of pro-quality digital texturing tools and effects.

Ranging from rough and gritty, to smooth and delicate and everything in-between, each brush has been built from scratch using original analog brush and texture samples to create a diverse and powerful set of tools. You really get the best of both worlds with these brushes, combining the tactile beauty of ink on paper with the convenience of a modern digital workflow.

See The Rusty Nib in action

Who is The Rusty Nib for?

The Rusty Nib is ideal for anyone looking to give their digitally created artwork a hand-made authentic look. This huge range of brushes covers all the options you could need when you’re looking for that hand-drawn feel, without having to break out the sketch book and try and locate your old collection of brushes and inks.

How do you use them?

You can manually download and install these brushes once you have purchased them from the Affinity Store, or access them using the content sync feature introduced in our 1.9 updates. See our online install guide for more information.

The brushes in The Rusty Nib are raster brushes, which means you need to switch to the Pixel Persona if you’re using Affinity Designer (or the default Photo Persona in Affinity Photo) to use these incredible brushes.

Key features of The Rusty Nib for Affinity

The Rusty Nib is absolutely jam-packed with content so here’s a run-down of the key features and a list of everything included:

  • A huge variety of textures, edge effects and brush poses to suit almost any drawing style
  • Built from high-definition analog source materials and designed for pro-quality output
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use whether you’re a complete beginner learning as you go or a full-time professional chasing deadlines and dreams
  • Easy to navigate with brushes grouped by style
  • Includes ink washes and watercolours with realistic bleed and blend effects
  • All brushes are raster format and designed for use in Pixel or Photo Persona for a smooth and efficient creative experience.
Example of brushes in The Rusty Nib for Affinity

What’s included

133 distressed inking brushes in total, including:

  • 36 x Nibs & Tech Pens
  • 14 x Brush Pens
  • 47 x Brush Inkers
  • 11 x Flat Brushes
  • 5 x Sumi-E Brushes
  • 11 x Ink Washes, Watercolours & Smudge Tools
  • 9 x Bonus Effects Brushes
  • 16 x Erasers
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 1 x Printable Brush Preview Booklet
  • Fully compatible with Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer

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If you’re looking for additional texture-based inspiration, then check out some of the other amazing work by Andrew Fairclough of Kindred Studio and True Grit Texture Supply.

You can also get more great content from True Grit Texture Supply that is not currently available on the Affinity Store.