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Illuminating the 525 Mystical Lights Photo Overlays Collection

We take an in-depth look at the amazing 525 Mystical Lights Photo Overlays collection by photo experts Pro Add-Ons to see how it can enhance your photography.

Pro Add-Ons has been creating professional and creative add-ons for graphic editors since 2015, with a focus on creating lighting overlays, developing retouching actions, and creating colour presets.

The 525 Mystical Lights Photo Overlays is the result of 5-years research of light. During this time they conducted hundreds of experiments with light and it’s interaction with different distorting environments. More than 50000 test shots were made and these collections contain the best light patterns.

This pack is a great addition for creative people who make photos and digital content. It will help you to add various light effects and give a particular mood to your project. You can use overlays as one of the main objects of your artwork, or you can add just little elements that will give charm to your content.

Considering the endless possibilities of transformations, colourisation and other settings in Affinity Photo, you will get a great number of final variants from even a single overlay. Combining overlays opens up even more possibilities. A powerful tool with infinite possibilities for creating light effects.

What’s included

  • Prism Distortion—100 overlays (in .afassets and JPG format)
  • Enigmatic Lights—85 overlays (in .afassets and JPG format)
  • Art of The Bokeh—70 overlays (in .afassets and JPG format)
  • Analog Lights—70 overlays (in .afassets and JPG format)
  • Light Leaks—50 overlays (in .afassets and JPG format)
  • Optical Dispersions—50 overlays (in .afassets and JPG format)
  • Alive Lights—50 overlays (in .afassets and JPG format)
  • Sunlight & Sundust—50 overlays (in .afassets and JPG format)
  • JPG files are 4000 x 2666px 300 dpi JPG files
  • Mystical Lights .afmacros (Affinity Photo only)
  • ‘How to use overlays’ PDF guide with detailed instructions

How to use it

  1. Open your photo in Affinity Photo.
  2. Drag and drop the overlays direct from the folder on your computer to add them to your photo.
  3. Or you can use the ‘Place’ function in ‘File’ on the top menu.
  4. Select your Mystical Lights Photo Overlay layer in your Layers Panel and change the Blend Mode to Screen or Add for the best effect.
  5. Remember you can use Adjustments like HSL to alter the colour of your overlays, you can also change the Opacity and use Masking for different effects, the possibilities are endless!

Creative inspiration

Here’s a taste of the stunning effects you can create:

1. Prism Distortions

Bursts of light and rainbow refractions are captured beautifully in the 100 overlays in this category, perfect for adding subtle interest to a photo or dramatic and magical distortions.

2. Enigmatic Lights

The 85 overlays in this category are perfect for capturing a sense of movement, with light patterns streaming across your images in a myriad of different colours.

3. Art of Bokeh

Bokeh comes from a Japanese word meaning haze or blur. Add shimmering bokeh lights to your images using the 70 overlays in the Art of Bokeh category.

4. Analog Lights

Contemporary but with a vintage feel, the overlays in Analog Lights are created by photographing real analog lights. Give your images a hint of incandescence, of old fashioned burning bulbs and modern halogen glow. A truly unique collection of analog lighting to add to your images.

5. Light Leaks

Traditionally Light Leaks were caused by light leaking into the camera and over-exposing parts of the film. This creates some fascinating and creative effects which often lend a beautiful vintage feel to a photograph. With the 50 overlays in this category, you can now emulate this effect on your digital images with endless combinations and variation.

6. Optical Dispersions

With a crystal-like quality, the 50 overlays in this category have a truly magical feel, adding scattered light and dream-like colour to your images.

7. Alive Lights

Perfect for adding a truly mystical element to photo compositions and manipulations. The 50 Alive Lights overlays are works of art in themselves, with stunning glimmering lights and textures to add another dimension to your images.

8. Sunlight

What better way to add magic to your photos than with glowing sunlight, heavenly beams of light and sparkling dust particles. The 50 overlays in the Sunlight category are split into 3 sections; Sun, Sun Dust and Sun Beams. They give a subtle ‘golden-hour’ feel to your photographs and can be used to enhance sun-lit scenes, light through a window, sunsets and beautiful photo compositions.

Where can I get hold of this collection?

The 525 Mystical Lights Photo Overlays collection is compatible with Affinity Photo on desktop and iPad and is available now from the Affinity store!

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