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Infinite Pulp by True Grit—now available on the Affinity Store

We’re over the moon to announce that we are now stocking some incredible content packs by True Grit Texture Supply on the Affinity Store. In this article we take a look at Infinite Pulp, which is a must-have library of seamless paper textures built for Affinity.

What is Infinite Pulp?

Created by True Grit Texture Supply—who is highly regarded in the design world for creating pro-quality digital texturing tools and effects—Infinite Pulp is a collection of 20 seamless paper textures that allows you to add pro-quality realism to your digital design work with remarkable ease.

These multi-layered and resizable textures are extremely versatile and non-destructive, so you can easily change the dimensions or size of your document after your texture has been added, giving you the maximum amount of flexibility.

Check it out in the 60 second demo below from creator Andrew Fairclough:

60 second demo of Infinite Pulp for Affinity

Who is Infinite Pulp for?

Infinite Pulp is for illustrators and designers looking to enhance their work with truly realistic paper and organic textured looks.

How does it work?

Simply open up any of the included .afphoto files in any Affinity app, and start designing with your new textured background as your base layer, or integrate any of these textures into a pre-existing design or project.

Watch these two tutorials videos from Andrew demonstrating how to go about using these files in either Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer:

Using Infinite Pulp in Affinity Designer
Using Infinite Pulp in Affinity Photo

Further examples

The seamless boundaries to the files are one thing which really sets them apart from other texturising alternatives. As you can see in the examples, you really do have the maximum amount of flexibility when you’re able to freely adjust your document size and crop area whenever you need to!

The illustration above effectively breaks down how you could make the most of the files too. By combining a base layer with a top layer for your highlights, you can achieve with ease those organic paper-like effects in a matter of seconds.

Key features and what’s included

Infinite Pulp is a jam packed collection—so here’s a run down of everything you get included in the set:

  • 20 seamless paper textures
  • Comprehensive tutorial videos covering everything from cropping and resizing to advance tricks and tips for customising your canvas
  • Designed for realism by adding texture and highlights lighting for warm, organic results
  • Seamless, auto-extend textures automatically fill your canvas infinitely as you crop in Affinity
  • Non-destructive, leaving your original artwork intact
  • Fully customisable
  • Flexible workflow: Start new work in a fresh document, drop-into your existing work-in-progress or add to any completed artwork
  • Fully interchangeable between any of the Affinity apps
  • Source tile size = 2800px x 2800px
  • High quality, full colour RGB scans @300ppi

Here’s a handy preview of all 20 customisable textures included in the pack too.

Be sure to check out the other two incredible True Grit texture packs which you can read about here and here or you can pick up all this great new content directly from the Affinity Store.

If you’re looking for some additional texture-based inspiration, then check out some of the other amazing work by Andrew Fairclough of Kindred Studio and True Grit Texture Supply.

You can also get more great content from True Grit Texture Supply that is not currently available on the Affinity Store.