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Introducing Design Cuts

As design marketplace Design Cuts launch the biggest-ever content bundle for Affinity, we thought we’d shine a spotlight on the company. We talked to their founder, Tom Ross to find out more…

This summer I was kindly invited to Affinity’s official launch party for StudioLink (and of course a few well earned drinks with their lovely team!).

At Design Cuts we were already intrigued and enamoured by Affinity’s mission, but I walked out feeling confident that Affinity was definitely the best and most cost effective software for creatives. StudioLink blew me away!

On the train home I reflected on two things:

  1. I truly believe Affinity is about to break out as a dominant player in the design world
  2. The Affinity team know how to have a good time!

As we begin a fantastic relationship with Affinity, I wanted to introduce myself and my company Design Cuts.

My name’s Tom Ross and I’m the founder and CEO at Design Cuts.

I believe Design Cuts is the world’s most curated marketplace for designers. I think we offer the best quality design assets in the world, including fonts, graphics, template, illustration, add-ons and of course Affinity products!

At 6 years old, our humble community has now grown to 500,000 creatives, from every country in the world. But of course it wasn’t always that way.

The company started with just a few of us and a big, audacious idea: to make the best design resources in the world affordable for all.

As a freelancer designer for most of my career, I’d always found it soul-destroying to discover that the font I wanted to use would cost me $1500! The illustration sets I needed to amplify my design work sometimes had usage licenses so complex I’d need to hire a lawyer just to confidently use them!

Design Cuts set out to change all that.

We offer the best resources for prices that virtually every designer can manage. In fact, to this day, we’re the only marketplace where you can save 50% on your order, meaning our resources are literally more affordable than anywhere else!

We also cleaned up licensing, offering a single, clear extended license, that’s built into all products for no extra charge. No more tiered licenses, or being charged 10 times more just for commercial usage.

Rather than opening the flood-gates to millions of poor-quality products, we only accept the top 1% of product creators. This means that our marketplace is essentially ‘all killer, no filler’. No more trawling through sub-par products, as everything you’ll find is hand-tested, curated and awesome quality.

Beyond this, it was our community that really stood out. Community is everything for us. We appreciate our community members so much, and have incredibly close relationships with them. They’re a talented, passionate, wonderful bunch of people, and it’s this community that drives everything we do. It’s why we host weekly hangouts with them, featuring incredible industry talent. It’s why we host amazing giveaways and competitions. It’s why we send hand-written notes and gifts to our loyal customers.

So how does all of this relate to Affinity?

Our community are starting to wake up to the potential that the Affinity Suite offers.

We are getting so many community members asking for quality Affinity assets, and that’s something we’re working hard to build. We’re coordinating with the talented designers we work with regularly to bring their talent to the Affinity world.

To kick things off, Design Cuts have put together the first ever bundle of best-selling Affinity design assets.

This features a collection of popular Affinity brush products, from lettering tools, to realistic paint, light effects, vintage brushes and more.

This collection is available for a massive 88% off the regular price, for a limited time only.

Get your Ultimate Affinity Design Bundle Now

(Ed—This is an affiliate link and we will earn a commission if you click it and buy ‘The Ultimate Design Bundle’ from Design Cuts.)

We can’t wait to see what Affinity have in store for the future, and we’re excited to support them, every step of the way.

There is SO much Affinity content in the Ultimate Affinity Design bundle, brought to you by Design Cuts, that we couldn’t possible list it all here! But here’s the headlines of what’s included:

  • Grid Builder by Ian Barnard
  • Letter Builder by Ian Barnard
  • Wilderness Sketchbook Scene Creator by The Artifex Forge
  • Finest Vintage Affinity Brushes by The Artifex Forge
  • Fine Liner Affinity Brushes by The Artifex Forge
  • Textured Vector Brushes by Sav Scatola
  • Drawing Brushes for Affinity by Jef Brown
  • Chalk Dust Brush Kit for Affinity by Ian Barnard
  • Watercolour & Gouache Brushes for Affinity by Jef Brown
  • Acrylic Brushes for Affinity by Jef Brown
  • Oil Painting Brushes for Affinity by Jef Brown
  • 83 Light and Burst Brushes & .PNG for Affinity by xresch
  • 60 Bokeh Effect Brushes for Affinity by xresch
  • 68 Dust Brushes & Overlays for Affinity by xresch

…all for only $35 until October 1st 2019! Dont miss out!

Find out more…

(Ed—This is an affiliate link and we will earn a commission if you click it and buy ‘The Ultimate Design Bundle’ from Design Cuts.)