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Learn how to use Affinity Designer for iPad, fast.

We’ve been hard at work creating a slew of video tutorials to help you get stuck into Affinity Designer for iPad.

James and Andy from our docs team (with a some help from Charlotte and Sean) have created over 60 video tutorials to help you learn all about Affinity Designer for iPad. Encased in a lovely platform (as you would expect from our web devs) the video tutorials also showcase the amazing work created by leading creatives in our special beta.

With subtitles available for German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese, everyone can benefit from this treasure trove of learning.

The team have worked really hard on the production values, and it’s not easy creating video tutorials on a building site—with accompanying sounds of fire alarms and drills—for an app still in beta that’s changing all the time! We acknowledge we have some issues with sound in these vids, it’s something we hope to improve on in future. Anyway, here’s James doing his sound check (sorry James, I couldn’t resist)…

James preparing to create the video tutorials for Affinity Designer for iPad

Split into 7 sections, you can learn the following:

  1. Basic Operations
  2. Advanced Operations
  3. Vector Tools
  4. Pixel Tools
  5. Export Persona
  6. Text Tools
  7. Effects & Adjustments

Let’s look at each section in turn and give you a taste of what’s in store…

Learn about basic operations

In the ‘Basic Operations’ section, you will learn all the basics you need to know about Affinity Designer for iPad. Let’s take a look at the UI overview from James, featuring the amazing artwork of Ivan Blažetić Šumski.

UI overview of Affinity Designer for iPad, by James Ritson

Other videos in this section include:

Get knowledgeable about advanced features

The ‘Advanced operations’ sections demystifies the more advanced features of the app. In the video below, Andy explains how to use one of our favourite features of Affinity Designer for iPad, View Modes.

Learn all about View Modes in Affinity Designer for iPad.

You can also learn about how to use Artboards, Assets, Snapping, Constraints and Symbols in this section.

Become a vector guru

In the ‘Vector Tools’, you will learn the skills you need to kill it with vector. The most important vector tool you need to learn is certainly the Pen Tool

Andy walks through the Pen Tool

Other videos in this section include:

Get your raster on

In the ‘Pixel Tools’ section, you can learn how to use the tools that make Affinity Designer for iPad truly multi-discipline. Check out Charlotte explaining how to use the Paint Brush Tool.

Charlotte shows how to use the Paint Brush Tool in Pixel Persona.

Other videos in this section include:

Export like a pro

The Export Persona section is where you get the lowdown on how to get your work exported for professional end use. Sean took charge of this section, and we think he did a really good job. Here he is taking us through how to use the Layers Studio in Export Persona:

Sean explaining how the Layers Studio works in Export Persona

You can also learn about the Slice Tool and the Slices Studio in this section.

Text Tools

Sean took the lead in our ‘Text Tools’ section too. Here you can learn how about the Frame Text Tool, Art Text Tool, Text on a path and Importing fonts. Let’s take a look at ‘Advanced Typography’ in Affinity Designer for iPad.

Advanced typography features in Affinity Designer for iPad.

Effects & Adjustments

The ‘Effects & Adjustments’ section explores the powerful colour, lighting and blending features of Affinity Designer for iPad. This section includes videos that look at how to Mask Adjustments, Layer Effects, Advanced Layer Effects, Blend Modes, and Styles. Right now though, let’s look at how you can apply Adjustments in the app.

Learn with James how to apply adjustments in Affinity Designer for iPad.

The video tutorials are also available from the Welcome screen in Affinity Designer for iPad, we hope you find them useful. Let us know what you think of them on our Twitter or Facebook channels!

Want more?

We will be providing video tutorials like these for our other apps and versions when they are updated in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Head of content and learning

Kate heads up our artist relations, content and learning teams. She loves talking to creators to find out more about their artistic practices for Spotlight and sourcing new content for the Affinity Store.

Credits & Footnotes

‘UI Overview’ video features ‘Space Whale’ created by Ivan Blažetić Šumski in Affinity Designer for iPad. ‘View Modes’ video features ‘March of the Giant Hogweed’ created by Sav Scatola in Affinity Designer for iPad. ‘Applying Adjustments’ video features ‘Aerial Intersection’ created by Romain Trystram in Affinity Designer for Mac.