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Metin Seven: ‘I’ve always loved the magical light of computer screens’

Metin Seven is a 2D illustrator and 3D designer living in Bussum (near Amsterdam). He works with his wife—a freelance webdesigner—in their home studio.
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How did you get started with illustration and design?

When I was still in college I was already creating pixel graphics for commercial Commodore Amiga games. This gave me a head start in digital art creation.

After finishing college I received an offer from an animation and illustration studio in Amsterdam to work on the first Dutch television series that was completely digitally produced.

There I discovered that you can make a living from illustrating and animating, which has always remained a dream job for me.

Howling at the moon
How would you describe your style of illustration?

My work reflects my interests, such as retro games, cute characters, films, comics, fairy-tales, nature, science and technology.

I love to alternate between different styles and techniques, and I love simplicity, because it allows you to really perfect an image (composition, balance, rhythm, colours, contrasts), and minimalism gives me a sense of calmness. I’m not a fan of very intricate images that are crowded with details.

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What is your main source of inspiration?

— I can spend hours browsing through visually oriented social media such as Pinterest and Instagram. For my 2D illustrations I like to come up with my own visual concept, but for 3D works I like to translate existing concept art to 3D, particularly appealing characters.

Uh-Oh Mousey
What are the main features you find particularly useful in the Affinity apps?

First of all I love the UI clearness of both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. Unlike its competitors there’s no clutter of tools and functions. I also really love the stability of Affinity tools. I can’t even recall a crash.

Automated present machine

I couldn’t live without the many built-in shapes and their flexible controls in Affinity Designer. It really eases my workflow. I also use some of the blend modes a lot, such as the Average blend mode in Affinity Photo and the Erase blend mode in Affinity Designer.

Last but not least I am very happy with Affinity’s optimizations for macOS, such as Metal support.

What is your favourite kind of project to work on?

I like to continue developing a minimalistic vector style that’s based on pixel art. It’s a perfect marriage between Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer: first I create the pixel art using Affinity Photo’s Pixel Tool, then I trace the enlarged pixel art using Affinity Designer’s vector shape tools.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I love to watch films and write short reviews / impressions of them at Letterboxd.

I also love to bike and hike, and try to do that for at least an hour every day, to compensate sitting in front of a computer screen most of the day.

You can find more of Metin’s work in his online portfolio, follow him on Instagram and on twitter

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Umar is part of our artist relations team. He likes to tinker with computers, build things and play competitive games. His favourite colour is green and he enjoys bouldering, which is basically climbing without any ropes. It’s less dangerous than it sounds.

Credits & Footnotes

Images courtesy of Metin Seven.