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‘Separation’: a series by Laura Pannack, with Affinity Photo for iPad

The portrait photographer explores the impact of Brexit on couples, in a commission for British Journal of Photography edited with Affinity Photo for iPad.

On 23 June 2016, the UK narrowly voted to leave the European Union. The break-up has been far from harmonious and, more than two years since the referendum, the exact ramifications remain unclear.

Separation, a portrait series by Laura Pannack, sets out to examine this uncertainty on a human level.

Commissioned by the British Journal of Photography and created with Affinity Photo for iPad, Laura used an opaque latex screen as a physical representation of separation, capturing the angst and myriad emotions experienced by creative couples who, as a result of Brexit, have been forced to contemplate being parted.

This video documents the creation of the series.

Laura photographed a different group of couples every day, for three days. The photographs were taken in three different creative districts in London and, using Affinity Photo for iPad, edited while on the shoot, sending them directly to the BJP’s picture desk to be published live throughout the shoot.

Laura says: “What I noticed particularly about working with Affinity Photo on the iPad is that because we could review it straight away, everyone could get on board and have a look and make changes.

“Because the editing was so quick we could try things out. To have something so versatile and advanced on the iPad is astounding.”

The series has been awarded the ‘Great Leap Forward’ Award by the Professional Publishers Association, presented to BJP publishers 1854 Media.

Laura’s images for the ‘Seperation’ project, with Affinity Photo for iPad, will be exhibited at the Format International Photography Festival in Derby, UK, from March 15-April 14, 2019.

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Credits & Footnotes

All photographs - Laura Pannack. Video used with permission of 1854 Media.