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Showcase: the creators behind Affinity Photo 1.8

We take a look at the inspirational work created by the highly skilled digital painters, compositors and photographers that our Artist Relations team worked with to showcase Affinity Photo 1.8.

Laura Ferreira

Laura is a portrait photographer and artist from Trinidad and Tobago who first started turning her passion for photography into a career when she was an expectant mother in 2006. When we came across Laura’s showstopping work we commissioned a shoot with her and this resulting vibrant piece did not disappoint. This was Laura’s first time using Affinity Photo but she claimed;

“It wasn’t very difficult to get the hang of Affinity. I loved the layout, and immediately fell in love with the hover previews of adjustments, and the forever undos. It felt smooth and snappy.”

Sanian by Laura Ferreira

Laura’s work has been used on our Affinity Photo for iPad webpage.

To see more of Laura’s photography visit her website, Instagram and Facebook.

Anna Dittmann

Anna Dittmann is a digital illustrator from San Francisco with a passion for figurative art. She now lives and freelances in beautiful Scotland. Her love for nature and portraiture are recurring themes throughout her work, often drawing inspiration from movement, organic shapes and natural elements. Her work is featured on book covers, comic covers, magazines, advertisements, posters, tattoos and she has exhibited in galleries worldwide.

Laguna by Anna Dittman
View Anna’s fascinating process to create this piece in Affinity Photo

Anna’s work has been used as an in-app sample, in our 1.8 video and on our Affinity Photo webpage.

Visit Anna’s website, Instagram and Facebook to find out more about her work.

Paul Hollingworth

Paul Hollingworth is a photographer, art director and creative based in Edinburgh. Paul’s fascination with photography was born through his love for graphic design. His first experiences with the medium were whilst studying art, design and multimedia at college. What was first utilised as a means of capturing material to aid his graphic design work, slowly developed into an art form in its own right.

Skull by Paul Hollingworth
Focus stacked feather by Paul Hollingworth.
See Paul’s captivating process capturing the macro feather

Paul’s work has been used as an in-app sample, in our 1.8 video, on our main webpage and on our Affinity Photo for iPad webpage.

To see more of Paul’s work visit his website, Instagram and Behance.

Luis Toledo—Laprisamata

Luis Toledo is an illustrator from Madrid, Spain whose work is unlike any other. The art by Luis Toledo is extremely surreal and feels personal to the artist, giving the audience the feeling of entering into another world.

Luis Toledo - La Prisamata

Luis’ work has been used in our 1.8 video.

To see more work from Luis visit Laprisamata’s website, Behance, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Beth Mitchell

Beth is a fine art and fashion photographer who specialises in the art of underwater photography, particularly in feminine, figurative underwater work. She’s based in Australia and has a passion and talent for capturing ethereal scenes underwater.

You can go behind the scenes with Beth on our commissioned underwater photoshoot and learn how she post-processed the final image in this short tutorial.

Tempest by Beth Mitchell

Beth’s work has been used as an in-app sample.

Visit Beth’s website and Instagram to see more of her stunning photography.

Elena Paraskeva

Elena Paraskeva is an international Conceptual Photographer and Art Director. Having lived and worked in the U.S for a decade, she now resides in Cyprus, but often travels for assignments.

Elena loves to create surrealistic conceptual work bathed in colour and is often inspired by everyday life and popular culture. Her work never ceases to amaze us, you can read more about Elena in our previous Spotlight interview with her here.

Anastasia by Elena Paraskeva

Elena’s work has been used on our Affinity Photo webpage.

You can see more of Elena’s work on her website, 500px and Facebook.

Mr Xerty

Brice Chaplet, aka Mr.Xerty, is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Paris who specialises in digital art and mixed media. He is self-taught, experimenting different techniques like drawing and graffiti writing before touching down with graphic design.

His style in influenced by urban life, surrealism, the circus world and the mystical. He likes to play with photos, textures and colours which are most of the time mixed with some 3D abstract forms. The result is crazy and surreal worlds with twisted urban landscapes, personified animals or fantasy buildings.

Photo compostion by Mr Xerty

Mr Xerty’s work has been used on our Affinity Photo webpage.

Visit Mr Xerty’s website, Behance and Facebook to see more of his work.

Alberto Seveso

Illustrator and digital photographer Alberto Seveso was born in Milan, grew up in Sardinia but is now living and working in Bristol (UK) as a freelancer. His passion for graphic art started from young age when he was really fascinated by the graphics on skate decks and the cover of music CDs of metal bands in the early 90’s. From this passion he started to create his artworks.

Fragmented Woman by Alberto Seveso.

Alberto’s work has been used as an in-app sample, in our 1.8 video and on our Affinity Photo webpage.

To see more of Alberto’s imagery visit his website, Facebook, Instagram and Behance .

Eleni Debo

Eleni Debo is a Belgian illustrator who freelances from the breath-taking Italian Alps. Her work regularly features in international newspapers, books and magazines and she has an incredible talent for distilling often complex stories and subject matter into a single thought-provoking image. She won a prestigious World Illustration Award for her editorial piece ‘When to stop’ created in Affinity Photo. You can read more about her awarding winning project here.

Spring by Eleni Debo

You can see more of Eleni’s illustrations on her website, Facebook and Instagram to see more of her illustrations.

Corrie White

Corrie was born in the Netherlands but currently resides in Ontario, Canada. She specialises in water drop photography. She first became interested in this macro art form when she came across some works by Martin Waugh and decided to try the art form for herself in early 2009.

She started out with a simple medicine dropper for the first year and then went on to use electronics, firstly using The Time Machine, where she went on to make numerous discoveries in the field of water drop photography. Currently Corrie uses the MJKZZ system which she claims has opened up a whole new world of creativity for her.

Evolution by Corrie White

Corrie’s work has been used in our 1.8 video and on our Affinity Photo for iPad webpage.

Visit Corrie’s website and Facebook to see more of her work.

Matt Donovan

Matt is a landscape and travel photographer from Sydney, Australia. He’s spent his whole life loving art and all things creative, which inevitably led him to study graphic design in 2009-10. During that time, Matt took an extremely basic photography class. It was then that he picked up his first DSLR not having a clue how to use it. Years passed and he decided it was time to dedicate all of his free time learning the ever-growing art of photography and has never looked back since.

Tasmania by Matt Donovan.

To see more of Matt’s photography visit his website, Instagram and Twitter.

Daniel Kordan

Daniel is a renowned landscape photographer who originally studied Science at university but later decided to choose a career in photography. These days he holds photo workshops and expeditions in a variety of stunning landscapes across the world. When asked about how he found working in Affinity Photo he said;

“Affinity software impressed me with the smooth editing process. I like to use multi layer systematic approach on my editing. Each editing step should be very gentle and elegant—that’s why my images have a soft painting like look. Affinity helps to make each step super fast and easy—helping to pay attention to every single detail.”

Born in Russia in a small town near Moscow, Daniel spends most of his time now in Norway at Lofoten Islands and in Tuscany guiding groups from Europe, the UK, US, Asia and Russia.

Fireflies by Daniel Kordan.

Visit Daniel’s website, Instagram and Facebook to see more of his work.

Mr Paisley

Designing under the name Mr Paisley, French textile desiginer Florent Terracol creates detailed designs for high-end brands with the aid of Affinity Photo. Using Affinity on both Mac and iOS means Florent often sketches his highly detailed designs on the go, after seeing this jungle animal inspired repeat pattern we knew we had to licence the piece for use on our website.

Paisley in the jungle by Mr Paisley.

Mr Paisley’s work has been used on our Affinity Photo for iPad webpage.

You can check out more of Mr Paisley’s decorative designs on his website and Instagram.

Erik Ly

Erik Ly is a contemporary illustrator from Los Angeles, California and is currently being represented by Illozoo. He specialises in surreal illustrations, character art and animal drawings.

Fowerhorn divers by Erik Ly.

Erik’s work has been used in our 1.8 video and on our Affinity Photo webpage.

Visit Erik Ly’s website, Instagram, Twitter and agent Illozoo to see more illustrations.

Piotr Kasprzak

Piotr Kasprzak of Infrared CGI is a visualisation artist who specialises in creating 3D graphics for architectural and interior visualisations, product advertising and 3D animations. He uses Affinity photo for post-processing his images.

Mixed use building by Piotr Kasprzak.
Mixed use building - front elevation by Piotr Kasprzak.

Piotr’s work has been used on our Affinity Photo webpage.

You can see more work from Piotr of Infrared CGI at and on Behance and Instagram.

Carlos Jiménez

Carlos Jiménez is an award winning creative director and designer with 17 years of experience in the advertising industry. He has won over 35 awards and accolades in different fields such as advertising, creativity and design.

Carlos specialises in photo retouching and compositing. He has worked for world renown design and photography studios such as Sagmeister & Walsh in NYC and Sane Seven in the UK. His work has been featured in many industry leading blogs and magazines such as Abduzeedo, AdsOfTheWorld, Adeevee, Lurzer’s Archive, Poster4Tomorrow. He has also showcased his design work in International Festivals and Biennials.

Macaw by Carlos Jimenez.
See Carlos’ work in action creating this Macaw photo composition

Carlos’ work has been used in our 1.8 video.

Visit Carlos’ website and Behance to see more of his stunning imagery.

Fake Face

Hugo Marques—aka Fakeface—is a freelance artist and a 2D/3D animation teacher from Évora, Portugal. He first started working in computer graphics with 2D and 3D animation software years ago and has since made several projects for big companies as well as TV advertisements. He has a passion for digital painting and uses Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer as his two main tools.

Moth by Fake Face.

Visit Fake Face’s Instagram to keep up to date with his latest work.

Artist relations

Jess is part of our artist relations team. When given the luxury of peace from an excitable toddler Jess loves nothing more than curling up with a trashy novel, a family-sized chocolate bar and a G&T.

Credits & Footnotes

All artworks copyright of the individual artists and used under license.