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Sync your Affinity Store resources with your Affinity 1.9 apps

As well as a wealth of improved professional tools, the Affinity 1.9 update introduces a faster and easier way to start using resources purchased from the Affinity Store.

Say goodbye to manually downloading resources from our website, and then using the correct panel/studio to import them. Instead, sign in to the My Account feature, which enables you to download and install a resource with just one click!

Manual versus automatic installation

The Affinity 1.9 apps require you to manually invoke downloads by default. So, you needn’t worry about them quietly using up data on a metered connection when you purchase resources from our store.

Unconcerned about data usage? Switch to automatic downloads for the ultimate convenience.

With Affinity 1.9, installing resources from the Affinity Store is as simple as possible.

Some resources are large, so you can optionally limit the size of individual items that are automatically downloaded. This way, larger items won’t get in the way of other things you’re doing online. When there’s bandwidth to spare, go to My Account and download large resources manually.

We do not impose obstructive checks of your resource licences, so there’s no need to stay online. Once installed, your resources are available to use whenever you need them, forever.

How to use the My Account window and sign in with or create an Affinity ID is explained in full in our resources install guide.

Some resources, such as fonts and images, are downloaded via our website for manual installation. Select Manage Account on the My Account window to go there.

Why is my Apple ID/Microsoft Store account not recognised?

The My Account feature requires a free Affinity ID rather than an Apple ID or Microsoft account. This means registering an email address and a few other details with us, accepting our terms and conditions and privacy policy, and creating a password to protect your account.

The email address used by your Affinity ID can be the same one used by your Apple or Microsoft account. However, your Affinity ID is a separate account stored by us that holds a record of your purchases from the Affinity Store.

Do I have an Affinity ID already?

If you’ve bought directly from our store, you have an Affinity ID already—it’s the email address and password you use to sign in at

Otherwise, you can create a new Affinity ID from the My Account window. Do this if your Affinity apps were bought from Apple’s or Microsoft’s store, and you have not previously bought content directly from the Affinity Store.

Does my Affinity ID provide other benefits?

For each Affinity 1.9 app that you sign in to the My Account feature, we’ll grant you a commercial licence for a different piece of content—permanently registered to your Affinity ID at no cost.

Sign into all five Affinity 1.9 apps to receive (US)$224’s worth of resources for free.

Here’s what you’ll receive with each app:

  • Affinity Publisher for desktop: Three professional, editable and print-ready templates, including a cookbook template by Occy Design, Gradient magazine template by Luuqas Design and Brill photography portfolio by Flowless. Each is provided in US Letter and A4 paper sizes. Worth (US)$82.
  • Affinity Designer for desktop: Three texture packs from MiksKS, including 20 vector and raster ink stamp textures and 30 raster paint roller textures, plus 20 black-and-white spray paint textures with 20 companion spray paint raster brushes. Worth (US)$33.
  • Affinity Photo for desktop: Four overlay packs by Paper Farms, including 20 fog overlays, 60 snow overlays, 35 rainbow overlays and 20 rain overlays. Worth (US)$35.
  • Affinity Designer for iPad: 35 vector and raster brushes plus 12 accompanying textures with support for pressure-sensitive input, and a set of 60 brushes plus 10 textures, all by Pixelbuddha. Worth (US)$38.
  • Affinity Photo for iPad: Dust brushes and overlays by xresch for creating grunge effects, plus over 100 light effect overlays by Paper Farms. Worth (US)$36.

Can I still use resources downloaded from elsewhere?

We haven’t taken away the existing methods of installing resources, which you might obtain through sharing among your peers or other places on the Internet.

Need a refresher on how to use those methods? Step-by-step instructions for each type of resource are provided in our resources install guide.

Technical author

Alan is part of our technical authoring team and joined us from the world of magazines (MacUser), where he wrote up software techniques and worked on pioneering interactive digital editions. When he’s not neck-deep in page layouts, layer masks and adjustment layers, you’ll often find him digging through second-hand records for interesting sleeve artwork or gazing in wonderment at the graphical variety of Japanese video games.

Credits & Footnotes

Banner image: marketing asset from the 525 Mystical Lights and Overlays pack which is currently available on the Affinity store.