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Take your photos further with Affinity Photo for iPad

To coincide with the milestone of a quarter of a million users adopting Affinity Photo for iPad, we’ve released an update that refines our revolutionary app even further.

In June 2017 we achieved what no-one has before… bringing the first fully-fledged professional creative app to iPad. To conquer this new frontier, we have had to forge innovative new ways of working, and we are learning all the time. We are constantly refining and updating our apps in our quest to accelerate workflows.

Here’s a run-down of what you can expect from our latest released development work, the 1.6.9 update for Affinity Photo for iPad.

1. We’ve calibrated the UI

Whilst developing Affinity Designer for iPad we came across a number of things that were important to creatives when working on iPad, which we wanted to incorporate into Affinity Photo. So, the 1.6.9 update introduces and redefines some gestures that make the Affinity workflow consistent. This does, however, have an impact on the UI.

A big change that existing users of Affinity Photo for iPad will definitely notice is the introduction of two-finger tap to Undo, and three-finger tap to Redo. We think that this will speed up workflows for many users, though we understand an existing user of Affinity Photo for iPad may miss the Undo and Redo buttons, so you can switch these back on in the app in Preferences if you wish.

Of course, before the 1.6.9 update, a double two-finger tap gesture was reserved for switching between Zoom to Fit and your current zoom level. Due to the introduction of two-finger tap Undo, this gesture is no longer possible. Zoom levels are now solely controlled in the Navigator Studio.

Watch James’ overview video for a full run down of the changes to the UI in Affinity Photo for iPad 1.6.9. He also touches on the new Export Persona, changes to Brushes and how we’ve redefined gestures—but more on that next!

2. Gestures have been redefined

We’ve been doing a lot of research and development on gestures for some time now, and the 1.6.9 update is where Affinity Photo for iPad benefits from this work. Here are some of the new gestures we’ve added:

  • We’ve added drag modifiers to studio icons for colour, text, navigator and history.
  • We’ve added swipe gestures to swap primary and secondary colours on the Colour Studio.
  • A long-press, release gesture invokes the Context Menu.
  • You can now resize a layer from its centre using a two-finger hold.
  • During shape creation, a two-finger hold gesture will transform the layer.
  • There some new gestures for the Layers Studio too. With a layer selected, a two-finger tap on another layer will select all layers in between. Plus, you can now pinch inwards (either vertically or horizontally) to group selected layers. To ungroup, do the opposite and pinch out. With the Move Tool active, a two-finger hold gesture on a layer plus a one finger drag now duplicates the selected layer.

In the video below James shows you all the gestures you need to know in Affinity Photo for iPad 1.6.9.

3. We’ve given brushes some love

Painters will be glad to know that there’s a new Recent Brushes category. You can now save a current brush stroke as new brush, and move any custom brush to any category too. Plus, brushes now remember previously used stroke settings, saving time and frustration. We’ve also added support for brush nozzle base texture mode and improved brush stroke lag with small stroke response. Phew.

4. More control over export

We’ve introduced the Export Persona to Affinity Photo for iPad. While not a new concept in the desktop versions of Affinity apps, Affinity Photo for iPad now has a dedicated workspace for exporting. This includes being able to export multiple layers and regions of your image as slices.

The new Export Persona in Affinity Photo for iPad 1.6.9

5. Get the most out of Affinity Photo for iPad

James, our resident Photo expert, has created a new batch of video tutorials to show you how to use Affinity Photo for iPad. Check them out in our dedicated tutorials workspace.


6. Affinity Photo for iPad comes with FREE content for everyone

You can get the following content, optimised for Affinity Photo for iPad:

  1. Studio Retouch Brush Pack: 20 studio quality retouch brushes for enhancing portraits.
  2. Live Filters Macro Pack: Harness the full power of 28 non-destructive live filter layers.
  3. Luminance Brush Pack: A vibrant collection of 13 breath taking light effect brushes.


In this video, Affinity Creative Director Neil Ladkin teaches you how to get the best out of his ‘Luminance’ brushes.

7. We’ve had some fun making the promo video…

It wouldn’t really be an Affinity announcement if we didn’t have a new video to go along with it. We had a lot of fun with this one—hiring a Bolt high-speed CineBot for a day to create something very different than we have before.

8. If you don’t already own Affinity Photo for iPad…

…it’s available on the App Store!


Head of content and learning

Kate heads up our artist relations, content and learning teams. She loves talking to creators to find out more about their artistic practices for Spotlight and sourcing new content for the Affinity Store.

Credits & Footnotes

Header image created by Neil Ladkin. ‘Lone Rider’, used in Export Persona screenshot, created by Jack Usephot. All images created in Affinity Photo for iPad.