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Twisted Brushes: the new Affinity brush collection by Neil Ladkin

Affinity creative director Neil Ladkin has once again released some of his own professional tools to the Affinity Store. Specialising in digital art and photo manipulation, Neil has years of industry experience which he now shares with us in this unique brush collection.

Neils newest collection ‘Twisted Brushes’ is the perfect aesthetic for a surreal 3D addition to your graphic design projects, or a unique brush stroke for your art projects. They team perfectly with lettering for posters or packaging and paired with photographs make for a mind bending experience!

Each brush can be used in any colour, with mind blowing and unexpected multi-coloured effects making each brush completely unique. Using these brushes is a truly fun and experimental experience, guaranteed to spark your imagination.

See some of the brushes in action

Neil says…

I had the idea for the Twisted brush pack when I was experimenting with Affinity’s new multi-brush engine. I thought it would be cool to be able to lay down single strokes of colour that ultimately appeared like complex images, so I started to create a brush pack.

I wanted the brushes to feel new and different to anything else available—something that could really exploit the possibilities of the multi-brush engine in an original way. I think these brushes do just that, and allow you to add instant style and depth to a graphic or digital art project with a single stroke.

“I thought it would be cool to be able to lay down single strokes of colour that ultimately appeared like complex images”

Whats included?

42 Raster brushes—optimised for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer Pixel Persona, which it turn means you can use them in Affinity Publisher in Photo and Designer StudioLink. Perfect on Desktop and iPad.


  • Add 3D looking elements to your graphic design and photos with the stroke of a brush.
  • Create abstract backgrounds for magazine, poster and other print-based projects.
  • Create wild packaging designs with multiple brush strokes to create a unique surface pattern design.
  • Combine lettering and Twisted Brushes for a contemporary look.
  • Try using the brushes in different colours, you’ll be surprised at the results you get!
  • Create brush strokes on different layers and apply Gaussian Blur, or other blue effects to the background strokes to create a sense of focal depth.
  • Pair Twisted Brushes with photography—try creating a new layer over your photo and apply your Twisted Brushes, then experiment with Blend Modes to blend your brush strokes with your photo in unusual ways.

Where can I get hold of this epic brush pack?

Twisted Brushes by Neil Ladkin is now available to purchase on the Affinity store.

Buy now

About the creator

Neil is the creative director of Serif, and has been instrumental in both the concept and creation of the Affinity Apps. An all-round creative star, Neil is as at home in the director’s chair as he is getting his hands dirty creating digital art.

You can also purchase the Xenon brushes and Galaxy brushes by Neil on the Affinity Store.

Artist relations

Charlotte is an illustrator and arts lecturer who is passionate about the creative industries and is now part of our artist relations team. Her interests include mid 20th century inspired design, comic books, board games, movie memorabilia, baking cakes, feminism and yoga. She shares her 1960’s home with her graphic designer husband and her toddler son who likes to hide her iPad. Get in touch with Charlotte if you have work you have made in Affinity apps to share with us, or tag your work with #madeinaffinity in the usual places.

Credits & Footnotes

Imagery by Neil Ladkin and Matt Searston.