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Inktober Roundup 2019

For the uninitiated, Inktober is a yearly event designed to get people creating and sharing art. Whether using traditional media or digital tools, the main goal is to have fun! We have scoured Instagram for the best Inktober posts with #madeinaffinity, and here are some of the finest…


Lorrane is a freelance graphic designer from Brazil who always dreamed of being an illustrator—one day while working she thought ‘just graphic design is not enough’ and decided to make a change.

“I realised that I could work as a graphic designer but in a specific field, doing my own style and turning cute illustrations into logos. Cute illustrations fill me with joy, and I have so much fun while drawing!”

“Affinity Designer is my main software and I use iPad to do all my illustrations and logos.”

Follow Lorrane on Instagram and Behance and check out her website.

Maurice van der Nagel

Maurice lives in Rotterdam with his partner Nancy and 14-year-old son. He studied graphic design but ended up working in technical support in many roles.

In 2019, after reigniting his passion for art he started his business M-Workz Design and found Affinity Designer.

“This was exactly what I wanted to have for my creative mind to express. From day one I loved using the Affinity apps on my iPad and MacBook and I’m still learning every day. On my way to work I read and watch tutorials, testing and trying new things, making sketches. All I want to do can be done in Affinity Designer.”

“I was reading an article about #Inktober2019, and it was starting soon. Great! The perfect moment and the ultimate challenge for me to ‘get in shape’ again, learn more and more from Affinity and show my skills and designs to the public. I picked a little theme, a couple of colours, some brushes and started the challenge. Every day I make some progress and learning new things. So much positive reactions, I’m stunned. This is why I design!”

You can follow Maurice on Instagram and check out his website.

Isabelle Russell

Isabelle is an illustrator and cartoonist based in Auckland, New Zealand. Her relationship with Affinity Designer started about a year ago when they were first introduced, and now they’re joined at the hip!

Isabelle loves combining vectors and pixels in her playful, concept-driven illustrative work to tell stories big and small. Communicating ideas, whether they relate to quirks of day-to-day life, nostalgia, or social and environmental causes, is the backbone running through her illustration.

2019 is Isabelle’s first Inktober and she puts her (fully digital) completion of the challenge down to a mix of enthusiasm, time management and a stroke of beginner’s luck.

See more from Isabelle on Instagram and Dribbble.


“My name is Sphelele ‘Ellsphee’ Gumede and I’m a multidisciplinary designer and lead creator from Durban, South Africa. My work is inspired by my fascination with the relationship between space and time and everything that happens in between. I try to bring this into my work wherever possible.”

“I decided to take part in this year’s Inktober (against my better judgement) and needless to say, it has been sleepless nights along with hours upon hours of reference materials. I’m doing this as part of a personal challenge to do more of what I love and also to force myself to make the time for it.

I chose Affinity Designer and Photo as my go-to tools for this as I’m trying to do a lot more on these apps and really want to unlock their power. I developed a minimal colour palette as a means to drive consistency within each of the pieces whilst trying to keep them unique to the respective concepts.”

Follow Sphelele on Instagram to see more.


Lisa De Samblanx or ‘Grizliliy’ is a 26-year-old Belgian who studied interior design for five years. She is currently working as a CAD designer and does illustrations at home.

“I always enjoyed drawing in general, it only became a real passion a few years ago after trying out digital art, especially vector illustrations.”

“Having Affinity Designer on my iPad gives me the freedom to work wherever and whenever I want while still being able to have the control vector gives me.

I love to try new techniques and software but to me, nothing compares to the way vector illustrations look!”

“My work is mostly based around trying to represent what or how I’m feeling, my love for animals and nature while only using black and white with sometimes a touch of colour.”

Follow Lisa on Instagram and check out her Society6 profile.

Jenny Brewer

Jenny Brewer is a user interface artist within the video games industry who started her career at Lionhead Studios working on various Fable titles. She has a First from the University of Wales in Computer Game Design and is now based in Leamington Spa working for Flaming Fowl Studios as a UI artist.

“Whenever I have spare time, I love to give myself little projects to focus on, these can range from digital painting to graphic design. In the case of this year’s Inktober, I decided to create a series of icons which followed the official theme list.

Over the past year, I discovered Affinity Designer and creating personal projects like this have really helped me learn what a powerful piece of software it is! I adore the intuitive way it approaches vector drawing; it really is a dream come true!”

You can see more of Jenny’s art on her website and Artstation and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Renato Pedrina

Renato was featured in last year’s roundup and makes a reappearance with some new art. The 28-year-old from Paraguay has been drawing since he was a child and has since embraced digital drawing.

“Affinity Designer is my main tool to create illustrations mostly using lines to make light and shadow effects. The biggest part of my content is about my country, that I found really interesting to be able to show some aspects of my culture through digital art.”

Follow Renato on Instagram to see more of his work.

Dave Anders

Dave has worked as a contract artist and photographer in the SF Bay Area for the last 20 years. His main focuses are nature and wildlife photography, vector-based art/sticker design and 3d printed jewellery. When he is not creating artwork he works in the executive protection industry.

“The first time I got my hands on Affinity Designer on the iPad I fell in love. I’ve used it daily since then. I feel like it gives me a level of clean control over my art that I have never had before and it has a very natural and free-flowing feel to working with the program.”

Check out Dave’s website and follow him on Instagram to see more.