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Making the video: Affinity Photo for iPad

Behind the scenes on our latest promo video shoot for Affinity Photo for iPad.

It just wouldn’t be a proper Affinity announcement now if we didn’t have a big video reveal to back it up. And it was no different for the launch of the updated version of Affinity Photo for iPad.

Approaching the new Affinity Photo for iPad promo, ‘Another World’, we wanted to bring a sense of drama and an otherworldly quality, to showcase the truly remarkable tools that the app can offer.

In particular, we wanted to highlight the speed at which tasks can be accomplished in Affinity Photo for iPad, so we came up with the stylised concept of the dancer, Viktorija, leaping, while the photographer, Momo, edits the image in super-quick time.

Affinity Photo for iPad: Another World

Once again we worked with Affixxius Films, after the previous success of the launch video for Affinity Designer for iPad. For the shooting days, we headed to Millennium Studios in Bedford, where Affixius had drafted in Mark Roberts Motion Control—‘Mr Moco’, the world’s premier motion control company—to deliver the promo’s extraordinary visuals using some of the latest robotic camera technology.

Utilising a Phantom VEO camera to capture high speed footage, this was then blended using a Bolt motion control rig with 25fps footage, to give the illusion of one character moving in slow motion and one character moving at speed. The rest of the footage was captured with an Arri Alexa. The project was cut in FCPX and graded in DaVinci Resolve in-house.

Affixxius Creative Director Dave Whayman says: “We’re very proud of the results—we believe this is a really defining piece for the Affinity brand and we hope to build on the quality and ingenuity in future videos, utilising the very latest in modern production techniques.”

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