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Tune into Lockdown 2020: Affinity creative sessions

Throughout May 2020, as a way to stay connected while so many of us are still in lockdown, we’ll be bringing you inspirational, free video sessions led by top creative talent.

Tune in every day in May 2020 at 4pm BST on the official Affinity YouTube channel as incredible artists, illustrators, designers and photographers who use Affinity invite you into their world to witness their personal creative workflows.

Each creative will be available on live chat when their pre-recorded session premieres so you can ask any questions, and free content will even be provided for some of the sessions so you can have a go yourself. It’s a great time to learn new tricks, pick up on tips and break that lockdown boredom.

As well as top creatives, there will be sessions from our in-house Product Experts and the series will kick off with an introduction and tutorial by our Managing Director, Ash Hewson.

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The premier for each day will be announced on social media, so make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated.