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Watercolours and Washes: raster brushes by DAUB

DAUB Brushes, aka Paolo Limoncelli, is an Affinity brush expert who creates amazing digital tools and brushes based on real-life natural media. His raster brush pack, DAUB Watercolour & Washes is now available in the Affinity Store.

What are the DAUB Watercolours & Washes raster brushes?

Designed to re-create the natural feel of watercolours, it’s clear that these watercolours, washes and paper textures have been designed with digital artists in mind. Each of the 72 included raster brushes deliver a beautiful, effortless, natural look and feel. Optimised for the Apple Pencil, or using a pen and tablet, every stroke you create will be unique.

The 24 high-resolution Papers included with this pack are forged from REAL paper textures. Constructed using fractal algorithms, these textures will give you a seamless result every time.

What’s included (updated in November 2020):

  • DAUB® W&W—Blenders.afbrushes (12 Raster Brushes)
  • DAUB® W&W—Blockers.afbrushes (12 Raster Brushes)
  • DAUB® W&W—Bristles.afbrushes (12 Raster Brushes)
  • DAUB® W&W—Detailers.afbrushes (12 Raster Brushes)
  • DAUB® W&W—Off-Beats.afbrushes (12 Raster Brushes)
  • DAUB® W&W—Paperless.afbrushes (12 Raster Brushes)

See the brushes in action…

Paolo shows us in the video below how effortless it is to create effective and realistic painting effects using theses watercolours & washes, and how to team them up with the included texture papers.

Working with DAUB Watercolour Papers

The DAUB® Watercolour Papers have been designed to give added authenticity and realism when using the Watercolour and Washes brushes. Here are some different ways to get started:

  • Open one of the DAUB® Watercolour Papers in Affinity Photo or Designer for Desktop or iPad, the same way you would a photograph.

  • Or make a New Document in Affinity Photo for Desktop or iPad. Select File and Place then select one of the DAUB® Watercolour Papers from your computer or iPad to place the image into your document. In Affinity Designer you can also use the Place Image Tool icon on left toolbar in Draw Persona.

  • The most effective way to use the Watercolour Papers is to create a rectangle to fill your canvas using the Rectangle Tool, then select the Fill Tool in Designer or the Gradient Tool in Photo. Where you are given the option to select Type of fill, select Bitmap, this will take you to your computer or iPad files where you can select one of the DAUB® Watercolour Papers. See Paolo’s video above to walk you through how to do this!

  • Use Blend Modes on your digital paintings to make the colours take on the texture characteristics of the papers.

More inspiration

Paolo’s expertise has helped shape the Affinity brush engine and he is our resident Affinity brush expert. His beautiful, effortless, illustration and teaching style has featured in both the Affinity Photo Workbook and Affinity Designer Workbook.

Here is a variety of artwork created by Paolo with these latest DAUB brushes, all of which use techniques that can be re-created using the Watercolour & Wash raster brushes available in the Affinity Store.

Get the DAUB Watercolour & Washes brush pack today!

You can purchase Paolo’s Watercolour & Washes brush pack from the Affinity Store. These raster brushes are compatible with Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer on both desktop and iPad. In Affinity Designer, these brushes will be accessible from the Pixel Persona only.


About the maker

To learn more about Paolo Limoncelli you can read our past interview with him here or check out his UI/UX design portfolio at and his artwork at

We really recommend you check out more of DAUB’s brushes for Affinity Designer and Photo from the official DAUB website too at

You can also see Paolo’s Affinity tutorials in the Affinity Designer Workbook and the Affinity Photo Workbook.